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Hello, my name is Chris Benoit and I am involved in an Online Home Based Business.  I have over 20 years of experience in Finance and in the Hospitality industry.  My goal is to enlighten Investors and Entrepreneurs to the possibilities and power of working from home and on the Internet.  My goal is to help others achieve their financial and personal goals.

After graduating college with a degree in Economics, I decided to take the "safe" route and join the corporate world.  I took an administrative position (worker slave) with a financial services company in Boulder Colorado.  Since I was newly married and thinking of a family I felt that this was the stability we needed.  I quickly moved up the ladder and within three years was a Vice President with a $10 million dollar sign-off authority (third highest in the company).

However, stability was a fleeting thing. The company suffered huge losses and the inevitable layoffs began. I survived these cuts, but the workload increased and the idyllic company I started with became a large impersonal monster. My dislike for my job/career and increased stress persuaded me that there was something better to do with my life.

I always had the Entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. I started my own Woodworking business at age 16 and loved being my own boss. After my corporate adventure after college, I began remodeling homes in the Denver area. This was challenging and profitable until the housing market collapsed. I ended up doing over $10 million dollars in real estate transactions during this time period.

We moved to Las Vegas at one point and I learned the hospitality industry. I became a General Manager for a 5 star restaurant and got the itch to open my own place. Subsequently, I opened a Quiznos Sub Restaurant and built another business. This franchise experience was the worst investment I ever made. Quiznos was notoriously bad for mistreating their Franchisees and I was no exception. I toiled for 2 long years barely making ends meet. We sold this bad experiment and I vowed to be my own boss again without the problems associated with a traditional brick and mortar business.

This narrative brings us to today and my association with owning an online business. I have my own company and run it out of my home in Denver. Unlike my restaurant, I have no employees, no inventory, no rent and no headaches that come with a traditional business. I help people start and run an online business and represent products that help people conquer their limiting beliefs that might be holding them back from finally having financial security and freedom.

Thank you,

Chris Benoit





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